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717 Sutter Street
Historic Folsom,
CA 95630
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(T): 916.353.1001
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Wed - Sun 11am - 7pm

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Box Office Hours are: 11:00am - 7:00pm


Off Broadway Series

Tiickets are:

$23.00 for General

$21.00 for Seniors and SARTA

$18.00 for Students with Student Body Card

$15.00 for Children 12 and under


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Something New!

Sutter Street Theatre's

Old Time Radio Show

Every 2nd Saturday at 4:00pm

Next Showing


                             June 13 - All tickets $10.00 at the door





     I Hate Hamlet


                                       (June 6 - JULY 12)

Friday & Saturday at 8:00PM

Sunday at 4:00PM

Thursday April 23 & 30 at 7:00pm

Written by Paul Rudnick

Directed by Blake Flores

Andrew Rally seems to have it all: celebrity and acclaim from his starring role in a hit television series; a rich, beautiful girlfriend; a glamorous, devoted agent; the perfect New York apartment; and the chance to play Hamlet in Central Park. There are, however a couple of glitches in paradise. Andrew's series has been cancelled; his girlfriend is clinging to her virginity with unyielding conviction; and he  has no desire to play Hamlet! When Andrew's agent visits him, she reminisces about her brief romance with John Barrymore years ago whitch prompts a seance to summon his ghost who presses Andrew to accept the part and fulfill his actor's destiny. The action becomes more hilarious with the entrance of Andrew's deal-making friend from LA offering Andrew a TV deal worth millions of dollars. The laughs are nonstop as Andrew wrestles with his conscience, Barrymore, his sword, and the fact that he fails as Hamlet in Central Park.        

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For more information or to purchase tickets by phone call (916) 353-1001







Family Series


Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00pm

Tickets are $17.00 for General

$15.00 for Seniors, Students and SARTA

$13.00 for Children 12 and under


Now Playing







     Nancy Drew,

    Girl Detective

                                   (June 13 - July 12)

Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00PM

                 (No performance July 4)

By Carolyn Keene

Directed by Allen Schmeltz


The world's most famous girl detective is at it again! Another River Heights mystery has developed at the old Van Pelt Estate, home of the Footlighter's Barn Theater. Leander Van Pelt has died, and rumors abound of a hidden cache of jewels that have been left somewhere on his estate. A mysterious ghost (or puppet?) has been haunting the estate while the Footlighters try to rehearse their play. Can Nancy Drew and her friends discover who is frightening the Van Pelt residents? Will the Footlighter's show be able to go on without their lead actress? And where are all of the gems that are to go to Leander Van Pelt's granddaughter? Nancy Drew leaves no stone unturned in this fun, campy whodunit!


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For more information or to purchase tickets by phone call (916) 353-1001.





For all auditions please bring a headshot and resume.

For musicals bring a prepared song with either sheet music or an accompaniment CD

Next Audition date is June 14th for "Guys & Dolls"

7:30pm in the theatre

717 Sutter Street Historic Folsom

Set in Damon Runyon's mythical New York City Guys And Dolls is an oddball romantic Comedy. Gambler Nathan Detroit tries to find the cash to set up the biggest craps game in town while the authorities breath down his neck; meanwhile, his girlfriend, nightclub performer Adelaide laments that they've been engaged for 14 years. Nathan turns to felllow gambler Sky Masterson for the dough, but Sky ends up chasing the straight-laced missionary Sarah Brown. Guys And Dolls takes us from the heart of Times Square to the cafes of Havana, Cuba, and even into the sewers of New York City, but eventually everyone ends up where they belong.


ARVIDE ABERNATHY - The base drum and cymbal player in the Mission band, he is Sarah's loving grandfather. Wise and sweet, he wants nothing but the best for her.

Male, should look 50 - 65 yrs old - Range D3-G4

BENNY SOUTHSTREET - Nathan's right-hand man and a gambler himself. Smart, slick, always moving and shaking, but with what he thinks are Nathan's best interest at heart.

Male, should look 30-45 yrs old - Range D3-G4

BIG JULE - A big time craps player from Chicago who uses a gun and his own pair of rigged dice to bully his way into never losing. Tough looking a bit of an oaf.

Male, should look 30-50 yrs old - Range F3-G4


HARRY THE HORSE - A crook and gambler He is a tough guys with dollar signs as his bottom line. Brings Big Jule into Nathan's craps game and backs his cheating, but is also a man of his word in the gambling community.

Male, should look 35-55 - Range F2-G4

LT. BRANNIGAN - A New York police officer who is on to Nathan's illegal craps games and is dead-set on catching him. A though no nonsense character.

Male, should look 40-55 yrs old - Speaking role

MISS ADALAIDE - Nathan's fiance and a lead performer at the Hot Box nightclub. She loves Nathan more than anything in the world and desperately wants to get married. Pretty out-spoken, stubborn.

Female, should look 25-35 yrs old - Range A3-E5

NATHAN DETROIT - A good hearted gambler and craps game organizer who could never hit the bigtime. He loves Adelaide but cannot quit his gambling ways.

Male, should look 35-45 yrs old - D3-F4

NICELY-NICELY JOHNSON - Just leke his name suggests, he is the nicest and cheeriest of the gambling crooks. High spirited and a bit naive, but sincere and genuine. Nathan's loyal friend.

Male, should look 30-45 yrs old - D3-B4

SARAH BROWN - A pretty bright-eyed woman who serves as Sergeant of the local Mission. She fully believes in her worthy cause and wishes to convert the gambling sinners to saints. Falls unexpectedly with Sky along the way. She is prudish and uptight, but eventually lets go.

Female, should look  20-30 yrs old - Range B3-G5

SKY MASTERSON - A high stakes gambler whose luck never seems to run out, and a wild card who surprises himself when he falls in love with the unlikeliest of women. Suave, smart, handsome.

Male, should look 35-45 yrs okd - Range B2-D4


For information call 916-353-1001



Special Events -

Our 2015 Season Schedule


 I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change *

January 17 - February 15

 Noises Off 

February 21 - April 3

Sex Please We're Sixty!

April 11 - May 4

 The Bad Seed

May 9 - May 31

 I Hate Hamlet

June 6 - July 12

 The Sunshine Boys

July 18 - August 16

 Guys And Dolls *

August 22 - October 4

Evil Dead: The Musical *

October 10 - October 31

 The 39 Steps

November 7 - November 29

 Holiday in the Hills *

December 5 - December 23


Old Time Radio Show

Every 2nd Saturday at 4:00pm



 Rising Star Review *

January 10 - January 18

 James and the Giant Peach

January 24 - February 15

The Reluctant Dragon

February 28 - March 22

The Aristocats KIDS *

March 28 - May 3

The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and His Friends

May 16 - June 7

 Nancy Drew: Girl Detective

June 13 - July 12

 Shrek The Musical Jr. *

July 25 - August 23

The Neverending Story

August 29 - September 19

 Dorothy Meets Alice or The Wizard of Wonderland

September 26 - November 1

 The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

November 14 - December 7

 A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas *

December 12 - December 27 

* = Musicals