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Off Broadway Series

Tiickets are:

$23.00 for General

$21.00 for Seniors and SARTA

$18.00 for Students with Student Body Card

$15.00 for Children 12 and under


Now Playing



Something New!

Bob and Ro's Old Time Radio Show

Every 2nd Saturday at 4:00pm


                              April 11 - All tickets $10.00 at the door


Watch for our new and exciting classes starting the third week of April. Acting for Adults, Musical Theatre for 6 - 9 year olds and 10 and above, Oil Painting for all ages and Musical Theatre Dance for beginning and intermediate/advanced.  See listing on Classes page or call 916-353-1001 for more information or to register._________________________________________________________________________


  Sex Please We're




               An American Farce   

Sex Please, We're Sixty!

                   (April 11 - May 3)

Friday & Saturday at 8:00PM

Sunday at 4:00PM

Thursday April 23 & 30 at 7:00pm

Written by Michael Parker and Susan Parker

Directed by Dennis Curry

Mrs. Stancliffe's Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast has been successful for many years. Her guests (nearly all women) return year after year. Her next door neighbor, the elderly, silver tongued, "Bud the Stud" Davis believes they come to spend time with him in romantic liaisons, and Mrs. Stancliffe reluctantly accepts the fact that "Bud the Stud" is, in fact, good for business. Add to the guest list three older women, and a retired chemist who has developed a blue pill called "Venusia", after Venus the goddess of love, to increase the libido of menopausal women. The pill has not been tested. When Bud gets his hands on some of the Venusia pills, the fun begins, as he attempts to entertain all three women!


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For more information or to purchase tickets by phone call (916) 353-1001







Family Series


Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00pm

Tickets are $17.00 for General

$15.00 for Seniors, Students and SARTA

$13.00 for Children 12 and under


Now Playing






The Aristocats KIDS

                                  (March 28 - May 3)

Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00PM

Music a& Lyrics by Richard M. Sherman & Al Rinker & Floyd Huddleston

Music adapted & Arranged and Additional Music & Lyrics by Bryan Louiselle

Book Adapted & Additional Lyrics by Michael Bernard.

What's a cat to do? In Disney's The Aristocats KIDS, Madame's jealous butler Edgar cat-naps Duchess and her Aristokittens and abandons them in the Parisian countryside. Luckily, Thomas O'Malley and his rag-tag bunch of alley cats come to their rescue! The show, based on the Disney film, features plenty of exuberant group numbers and a fun cast of cats, dogs and a couple of Geese.


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For more information or to purchase tickets call (916) 353-1001.





For all auditions please bring a headshot and resume.

For musicals bring a prepared song with either sheet music or an accompaniment CD

"The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and Friends"

Directed by Ally Dietz

If you were unable to make the prior audition you may come to the call backs on Friday, April 10 at 6:00pm in our annex at 710 Figueroa, Folsom.

Show runs May 16 - June 7, Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00PM

Rehearsals will start April 13 and generally will be 5:30 - 7:00PM Mondays through Thursdays

Please bring a headshot and resume if you have them.


Beatrix Potter - A writer with a strong determination to live her own life, as well as be published. She is level-headed and strong-willed, does not agree with the typical stereotype of her time. (Female; Late teens to early 20's.

Helen  Potter - Beatrix' motner. She if a typical woman of the early 1900's, who believes that women belong in the home and with the family and doesn't agree with Beatrix' desire to become a writer. (Female; mid 40's to 50's)

Rupert Potter - Beatrix' father . He has all faith in Beatrix' endeavors  and supports her in every way, even if it is against Helen's wishes. He is a little more lighthearted than Helen. (Male; mid 40's to 50's)

Annie Carter Moore - Beatris' governess. She is the narrator of the play and is also involved in the story's action. She also ages throughout the story, from Beatrix' governess to a mother of five to an aging elderly woman. Annie is Beatrix' best friend. (Female; mid to late 20's)

8-12 other actors to play a variety of parts (all age ranges)

    3-4 males; child - mid teens

    3-4 females; child-mid teens

    1-2 males; late 30's- 50's

    1 female; late 30's to 50's


The Adventures of Peter Rabbit follows the life of Beatrix Potter from childhood through adulthood through the eye of her former governess and best friend, Annie, who weaves the stories that Beatrix had written throughout the play.

For more information please call 916-353-1001.



Directed by Blake Flores

Auditions will be April 12 at 7:30pm at Sutter Street Theatre, 717 Sutter Street, Folsom

Show runs June 6 - July 12 on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 4:00pm, plus Thursdays at 7:00pm on the last two weeks of the run.

Rehearsals are to be scheduled.

Please bring a headshot and resume if you have them.


Andrew Rally: (25 - 35) The former star of the now-canned soap opera Jim corman, MD.  Somewhat spoiled and arrogant by his success, his biggest neuroses stem from the lack of artistic integrity in his life, coming to a head when he's offered the role of Hamlet in Shakespeare in the Park.

John Barrymore: (30s - 40s) Once the greatest Hamlet of his generation and now currently a corpse.  But, that hasn't stopped him from living it up with copious amounts of booze, swords, and womanizing, as he works to train the reluctant Rally to become the next great Hamlet.

Gary Peter Lefkowitz: (30 - 45) Rally's writer-director-producer friend from Hollywood. The man is completely self-absorbed and totally cultureless, but exudes the smooth cool of cinematic style. A man's man in the realm of film and television, he's looking to get Rally back in the game -- and to score a nice commission for himself.

Deirdre McDavey: (20s) Rally's girlfriend. She's slightly ditzy, but completely charming, even down to her infuriating desire to save her virginity till marriage. She's an actress who's big on dreams if low on talent. She is not a gold-digger, but is sexually  attracted to artistry and talent -- which she believes Rally to have in abundance.

Lillian Troy: (70+) Rally's worldly and "very mature" German agent. She once had an affair with Barrymore, way back in the day. A chain smoker, she now has an ominous-sounding cough. She's pushing Rally to take the role of Hamlet, much to Gary's dismay.

Felicia Dantine: (30s - 50s) Rally's New Jersey real estate agent. She's used to servicing the weirdest of clients, and that eccentricity has rubbed off on her -- she claims to perform séances and chat with her dead mother on "the other side." Like Gary, she has no social filters, but she is too perky and positive to notice.


A young and successful television actor relocates to New York, where he rents a marvelous, gothic apartment.  With his television career in limbo, the actor is offered the opportunity to play Hamlet on stage, but there's one problem: He hates Hamlet. His dilemma deepens with the entrance of John Barrymore's ghost, who arrives intoxicated and in full costume to the apartment that once was his. The contrast between the two actors, the towering, dissipated Barrymore whose Hamlet was the greatest of his time, and Andrew Rally, hot, young television star, leads to a wildly funny duel over women, art, success, duty, television, and yes, the apartment.

For more information please call 916-353-1001.



Directed by Janelle Kauffman

Auditions will be April 19 at 7:30pm at Sutter Street Theatre, 717 Sutter Street, Folsom

Show runs July 18 - August 16 on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 4:00pm plus Thursdays at 7:00pm on the last two weeks of the run.

Rehearsals will begin June 8.

Please bring a headshot and resume if you have them.


The TV assistant producer: (any gender, any adult age) A frustrated director, tired of herding cats.

The Nephew: (male, 30+) Energetic, ambitious theatrical agent desperately trying to please, running out of time and patience.

The Big Nurse: (female, middle aged 30+) Strong, tough, no-nonsense nurse with a hidden sense of humor.

The Sexy Nurse: (female, young) Airheaded beauty.

The roles of the Sunshine Boys have been pre-cast.

For more information, phone 916-955-1557



Directed by Allen Schmeltz

Auditions will be April 26 at 7:30pm at Sutter Street Theatre, 717 Sutter Street, Folsom.

Show runs June 13 - July 12 on Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00pm.

Rehearsals will begin May 18.

Please bring a headshot and resume if you have them.


Carson Drew - Nancy's Father

Miss Willoughby - Carson's temporary secretary (doubled with Tammi Whitlock)

Hamilton Spencer - Director of the Barn Theater

Margo Spencer - Hamilton's wife

Emily Spencer - The 18-year-old daughter of Margo and Hamilton

Bob Simpson - Emily's boyfriend/leading man of The Footlighters

George Fayne - Nancy's best friend and able assistant

Bess Marvin - George's cousin and Nancy's assistant

Ned Nickerson - Nancy's boyfriend

Emmet 'Cally' Calhoun - Friend of the Spencers

Tammi Whitlock - Leading lady of The Footlighters

Tom Tozzle - Croek

Bushy Trott - Goon

Chief McGinnis - Chief of the River Heights Police Dept.

Yvonne, Phyllis, Ivy, Ulric, Otto and Jamie - Other Footlighters


The world's most famous girl detective is at it again! Another River Heights mystery has developed at the old Van Pelt Estate, home of The Footlighter's Barn Theater. Leander Van Pelt has died and rumors abound of a hidden cache of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires that have been left somewhere on his estate.  A mysterious ghost (or puppet?) has been haunting the estate while the Footlighters try to rehearse their play. Can Nancy Drew and her friends discover who is frightening the Van Pelt residents? Will the Footlighters' show be able to go on without their lead actress? And where are all of the gems that are to go to Leander Van Pelt's granddaughter? Nancy Drew leaves no stone unturned in this fun, campy whodunit!

For more information please call 916-353-1001.


Special Events -

Our 2015 Season Schedule


 I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change *

January 17 - February 15

 Noises Off 

February 21 - April 3

Sex Please We're Sixty!

April 11 - May 4

 The Bad Seed

May 9 - May 31

 I Hate Hamlet

June 6 - July 12

 The Sunshine Boys

July 18 - August 16

 Guys And Dolls *

August 22 - October 4

Evil Dead: The Musical *

October 10 - October 31

 The 39 Steps

November 7 - November 29

 Holiday in the Hills *

December 5 - December 23


Bob and Ro's Old Time Radio Show

Every 2nd Saturday at 4:00pm



 Rising Star Review *

January 10 - January 18

 James and the Giant Peach

January 24 - February 15

The Reluctant Dragon

February 28 - March 22

The Aristocats KIDS *

March 28 - May 3

The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and His Friends

May 16 - June 7

 Nancy Drew: Girl Detective

June 13 - July 12

 Shrek The Musical Jr. *

July 25 - August 23

The Neverending Story

August 29 - September 19

 Dorothy Meets Alice or The Wizard of Wonderland

September 26 - November 1

 The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

November 14 - December 7

 A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas *

December 12 - December 27 

* = Musicals