Audition Notice – “Anne of Green Gables”

Based on the book by I. M. Montgomery
Adapted by Joseph Robinette
Directed by Allen Schmeltz


Audition: Sunday, August 14 at 7:00pm
Location: Sutter Street Theatre Annex, 710 Figueroa Street, Folsom

Show run: October 8 – October 30
Rehearsals: Begin September 6 and are usually on Monday through Thursday evenings.


The audition will consist of cold readings from the script. Please bring a headshot and resume if you have them.


Please check with the theatre or our website for current Covid requirements.


Synopsis: This dramatization captures the charm and excitement of L.M. Montgomery’s enduring classic about an orphan girl, Anne Shirley, from her first encounter with her austere guardian to her thrilling graduation from Queen’s Academy. The play faithfully recreates the memorable events and characters from the brilliant novel. All the tragedies and triumphs that mark Anne’s growth from adolescence to early adulthood are here: her friendship with Diana, her feuds with Gilbert, her adoration of Matthew, the mistaken wine bottle, the cake disaster, the broken leg, the scholastic achievements, and the saving of Green Gables. Whether the playgoer is an “old friend” of Anne’s or meeting her for the first time, this play will solidify a lasting friendship between the audience and one of literature’s most unforgettable characters.


Cast Requirements:


IMPORTANT NOTE: The suggested ages are not necessarily your real age but the age that you should be able to look as the character.  Depending on who auditions the ages of the children cast may be slightly older.  When “young adult” is mentioned, you should look old enough to have an 11-13 year old child.


ANNE SHIRLEY – (Should “look” 10-12 years old) An imaginative, talkative, red-headed orphan who comes to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, unmarried siblings. Being slightly on the thin side is a plus or the willingness to dye your hair: however, don’t fret, we will wig you if dying is not an option. This is a challenging role and I would prefer an experienced actress. Anne is on stage almost the entire show.


MARILLA CUTHBERT – (middle age to 60’s) An austere, repressed woman who tries in vain to repress Anne’s imaginative, unusual ways. Though she is rigidly conservative in her rules, she does love Anne and has the glimmerings of a sense of humor and a secret soft side.


MATTHEW CUTHBERT – The Role of Mathew has been precast.


DIANA BARRY – (Should “look” 10-12 years old) Anne’s bosom friend and kindred spirit. Anne and Diana become best friends from the moment they meet. She is the only girl of Anne’s age who lives close to Green Gables. Anne admires Diana for being pretty and for her merry, amiable disposition. Diana lacks Anne’s powerful imagination but is a loyal friend.


GILBERT BLYTHE – (Should “look” 10-12 years old) A handsome classmate who first tried to get Anne’s attention by pulling her hair and flirtatiously calling her “Carrots” (unaware of her sensitivity about her red hair). Furious, Anne broke her slate over his head and refused to have anything to do with him for the next few years. Even though Gilbert repeatedly apologized and displayed admiration for her throughout the book, Anne coldly rebuffed him. However, Gilbert never abandoned his quest for her friendship (and eventually, love). Anne finally forgave him at the end of the book when he gave up the Avonlea school for her so that she could live at Green Gables with Marilla. Mrs. Rachel


RACHEL LYNDE – (Can be middle age to older) A neighbor of Matthew and Marilla, and the nosiest person in town but generally understood to be unmalicious and well-intentioned. Although she did not take a liking to Anne in the beginning, she soon warms to the freckle-faced orphan. She is incredibly industrious and helpful, and loves doing work for the church. She is married and has raised ten children, but her husband,


THOMAS LYNDE is only mentioned on a few brief occasions, and never speaks. Mrs. Lynde gave Anne her first pretty dress via Matthew.


MISS SUSAN STACY – The Role of Miss Susan Stacy has been precast


PRISSY ANDREWS – (Should “look” 16 years old) A classmate of Anne’s. Prissy, sixteen years old when Anne begins her studies at Avonlea School, is considered grown up enough to court the teacher, Mr. Phillips.


JOSIE PYE – (Should “look” 10-12 years old) One of Anne’s classmates, who is generally disliked by the other girls (just like all other Pyes). Josie is vain, dishonest and jealous of Anne’s popularity. Anne tries not to feel “uncharitably” towards Josie but cannot bring herself to like her.


JANE ANDREWS – (Should “look” 10-12 years old 5) One of Anne’s friends from school, although Diana remains her closest friend. Jane is plain and sensible but does well enough in school, seeing as she joins Anne’s class at Queen’s.


RUBY GILLIS – (Should “look” 10-12 years old) Another one of Anne’s friends. Having several “grown up” sisters, Ruby loves to share her knowledge of beaus with her friends. Ruby is portrayed as traditionally beautiful with long, golden hair and loves talking about boys.


MOODY SPURGEON MACPHERSON – (Should “look” 10-12 years old) One of the boys in Anne’s class at the Avonlea school and a classmate of hers at Queen’s Academy.


REVEREND AND MRS. ALLAN – (Middle age to older) The minister and his wife, two friends for Anne. Mrs. Allan becomes one of Anne’s best friends. NOTE: The actor playing Rev. Allan also plays Stationmaster, Mr. Phillips, & Jerry Buote. The actress playing Mrs. Allen also plays other roles.


MINNIE MAY BARRY – (Age range 8-10) Diana’s baby sister, whose life is saved by Anne when she comes down with croup.


MRS. BARRY – (Young adult to middle age) Diana’s parents. Mr. Barry also farms and offers to rent some tracts near the end to help out Anne and Marilla. Mrs. Barry has a severe, stubborn personality, expecting her children to follow strict and sometimes unreasonable rules. After Anne accidentally gets Diana drunk, Mrs. Barry refuses to let Anne speak to Diana until Anne redeems herself by saving Minnie May.


MISS JOSEPHINE BARRY – (Young adult to middle age) Diana’s aunt. Initially a malevolent character, but is charmed by Anne’s imagination, and eventually invites her out to tea, and sends her a very expensive Christmas present. They meet in the first book, “Anne of Green Gables” when she was visiting the Barry’s.


PHILLIPS – (Middle age) Anne’s first teacher at Avonlea, whom she despises (he spelled Anne’s name without an ‘E’, among other things). She refuses to attend school for a long time, after Mr. Phillips humiliated her by punishing her and only her when a dozen pupils arrive late, and by making her sit with Gilbert Blythe. Mr. Philips is not a competent teacher, as Mrs. Lynde admits. He has no discipline, and is courting one of his pupils, Prissy Andrews. NOTE: The actor playing Mr. Phillips may also play other roles.


In addition, two actors are needed for multiple roles as follows:

Male to play Charlie Sloane & Mr. Saddler

Male to play Reverend Bentley, Jimmy Glover & The President of Queen’s Academy


Extra’s may also be needed to play school children, Sunday School children, graduates of Queen’s Academy and Mourners and Pallbearers. These for the most part will be non-speaking roles but are important to the reality of the entire production. Minimal rehearsal time will be needed for these roles.