Due to ongoing changes, tickets are currently only available for purchase over the phone.

Please call 916-353-1001 for information and ticket purchases.


Purchasing Tickets

3 Simple Ways

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Off Broadway Series                                                Family Series

General   $24                                                               General   $19

Senior (60 & Better)   $22                                     Senior (60 & Better)   $17

Student (with ID)   $19                                         Student (with ID)    $15

Children 12 & Under   $16                                    Children 12 & Under    $14


Saturday Series

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Flex Tickets

Flex Tickets are a great way to save money on individual tickets and create your own personalized season.  We offer Flex Ticket packages of different sizes (see below).  Simply call ahead to book seats and show the Flex Ticket at the door when you arrive.  Choose from either the Off Broadway Series or the Family Series and choose either general, senior or children’s tickets.  (Off Broadway Flex Tickets may be used for Family Series productions, but not vice versa.) Flex Tickets are valid for one year after the purchase date.  Flex Tickets must be purchased on the phone or in person.  Call 916-353-1001.



Off Broadway Series Flex Ticket Prices

(Cannot be used for Evil Dead the Musical)

General Admission              Senior Admission              Children 12 & Under

9 Vouchers                               9 Vouchers                             9 Vouchers

(Value – $216)                           (Value – $198)                             (Value – $144)

$190                                            $174                                             $126

6 Vouchers                               6 Vouchers                               6 Vouchers

(Value – $144)                           (Value – $132)                             (Value – $96)

$123                                            $113                                           $82


Family Series Flex Ticket Prices

General Admission              Senior Admission              Children 12 & Under

7 Vouchers                               7 Vouchers                             7 Vouchers

(Value – $133)                          (Value – $119)                             (Value – $98)

$112                                          $100                                             $82

5 Vouchers                                5 Vouchers                                5 Vouchers

(Value – $95)                            (Value – $85)                               (Value – $70)

$76                                            $68                                               $56


To get further information or to purchase your tickets by phone, call:



To purchase tickets in-person visit our Box Office at:

710 Figueroa Street

Folsom, CA 95630



Purchasing Tickets Online

If you would like to purchase tickets online, either click the purple button below to go straight to our ticketing portal or choose from the Off Broadway Series or Family Series links to read about our season.


Click Here to Purchase Tickets








Is there a discount for groups?

Yes. Groups of 10 or more receive a $2 discount on each ticket.  A $100 deposit is required to book seats.  Student tickets do not receive a discount. Please call the Box Office at 916-353-1001 for arrangements.

Can tickets for the Saturday at Four Series be purchased online?

No.  Tickets for the Saturday at Four Series are only sold at the door before the show.

What if I want to give tickets as as gift?

We are happy to give gift certificates.  Call the Box Office at 916-353-1001  or come in Monday through Friday between 9:00AM – 5:00PM to purchase. We will create the gift certificates and mail them to you.

Are there any ticketing fees?

Purchasing tickets in person at the Box Office:  No Fee

Purchasing tickets online: $1.50 Processing Fee per Ticket

Purchasing in person at the door: No Fee

Purchasing over the phone: $1.50 Flat Fee

Transferring tickets: $2.00/per ticket Processing Fee

How do I purchase tickets online?

1. Once you have found a show you want to see, click the purple button that says “Click Here to Purchase Tickets.”  This will take you to our ticket portal.

2. Use the “Register Now” button to get your account set up or log in if you already have an account.
3. Choose “Purchase Tickets”.
4. Choose the play you want to see and click “Buy Tix.”
5. Choose the date and time you want and click “Buy Tix”
6. Choose from the green/available seats.
7. Click the green “Request Seats” button.
8. Now you will see a list of the seats you chose.  Where you see the type of ticket (i.g. General, Senior) there is a drop down list.  Click on the ticket type and it will give you the other options.
9. Choose the ticket type you need for each ticket and then click the “Add to Cart” button.
10.  Pay for your selection and you’re all set!
How do I buy tickets in person?
Our Box Office is located in our Annex building at 710 Figueroa Street in Folsom, behind the Sutter Street Theatre.  The Box Office hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.  There is often staff available at other times, but please call ahead to make sure we are in the office.
How do I get my tickets? Will they be mailed to me?
We don’t use physical tickets here at Sutter Street Theatre.  No wasted paper and nothing for you to keep track of.  When you reserve seats you will be added to a will call list.  Give your name at the door and it’s as simple as that.
Is your theater wheelchair accessible?
Yes.  There is a ramp up to the sidewalk in front of the theater.  There aren’t any steps to get into the theater and we take out a front row seat to accommodate your wheelchair.