When: Sunday, February 18th at 7:00 PM
Callbacks: Tuesday, February 20th at 6:30 PM
Where: Sutter Street Theatre Annex, 710 Figueroa Street, Folsom

***If you are unable to attend the February 18th Audition, contact the Director at kennygagni@yahoo.com to schedule an alternate audition date/time or to submit an audition video.***

The audition will consist of a singing audition and a dance audition. Dress appropriately for movement as a dance combination will be taught. If you have tap shoes, bring them. If time allows there may be cold readings from the script.

What to bring: A headshot and theatrical resume if you have them. Prepare 18-32 bars of a musical theatre song in the style of the show and bring an accompaniment on a phone/CD. Do not bring sheet music. No a cappella auditions please. Appropriate dance attire and tap shoes if you have them.

Rehearsal Schedule: February 23-April 11
Friday, February 23 at 6:00pm
Saturday, February 24 at 5pm
Monday, Feb 26-Wednesday, Feb 28 at 6:30pm (LEADS ONLY)
Starting Monday, March 4 regular rehearsals of Monday-Thursday evenings, 6:30-9:00 PM will begin.

Performance Schedule: April 12-May 12
Friday & Saturdays at 7:30 PM
Sundays at 4:30 PM

Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter
Original Book by P.G. Wodehouse, Guy Bolton, Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse
New Book by Timothy Crouse & John Weidman

Directed by Kenny Brian Gagni
Music Direction by Heather Clark
Choreography by Connie Mockenhaupt & Devin LePage

Synopsis: The S.S. American is sailing between New York and England with a comically colorful assemblage of passengers: Reno Sweeney, a popular nightclub singer and former evangelist, her pal Billy Crocker, a lovelorn Wall Street broker who has come aboard to try to win the favor of his beloved Hope Harcourt (who is engaged to another passenger, Sir Evelyn Oakleigh), and a second-rate con man named Moonface Martin, aka “Public Enemy #13.” Song, dance, and farcical antics ensue as Reno and Moonface try to help Billy win the love of his life.

All roles are available.

Reno Sweeney – An evangelist turned nightclub headliner. Confident, clever, and glamorous. Looking for a strong singer and actress who can dance well. A triple threat that commands the stage.

Billy Crocker – Elisha Whitney’s assistant. Friends with Reno and determined to win Hope’s affections. Charming, earnest, and lovesick. Looking for a strong singer with great comedic timing and can move well.

Hope Harcourt – A wealthy and beautiful heiress. Torn between her engagement to Lord Evelyn and love for Billy. Poised, sweet, but with a strong sense of moral duty. Looking for a strong singer who can move well.

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh – Hope’s aristocratic English fiancé. Quirky, good-natured, and gullible. Looking for an actor with great comedic timing who can sing and move well.

Moonface Martin – Public Enemy #13, disguised as a Reverend. An uncomplicated and lovable gangster. Looking for a strong comedic actor who can sing and move well.

Erma Latour – A traffic-stopping dame and Moonface’s partner in crime. Flirty, resourceful, brazen, but a little clueless. Looking for an actress with great comedic timing who can sing and move well.

Elisha Whitney – An Ivy League business tycoon. Bossy, outlandish, and a little bit drunk. Looking for an actor with great comedic timing.

Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt – Hope’s widowed mother. An elitist who is concerned with money and social status. Refined but easily panicked. Looking for an actress with great comedic timing.

Captain – The man in charge of the S.S. American. Intelligent, strong, but a little too concerned with prestige.

Purser – Reliable, alert, by the book.

Minister Henry T. Dobson – A missionary returning from China, certain he can reform Luke and John.

Luke – A presumably reformed gangster. A streetwise Brooklyn-ite.

John – Luke’s cousin. Has a conscience but is easily manipulated.

The Angels (Chastity, Charity, Purity, Virtue) – Reno’s backup posse for her nightclub act. Magnetic, attractive, and own any room they walk into. Looking for good dancers with great individual personalities. Tap is a plus.

Strong ensemble of performers who play Sailors, Passengers, Reporters, Tappers and the like! Looking for high energy singers and dancers that will be involved in multiple song and dance numbers with solos throughout.