This series is specially designed for kids under the age of 10 to enjoy throughout the year. It features short plays that are sure to entertain!

This Season’s Shows:

The Adventures of SuperBunny


April 22 – May 1
Fridays at 4pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 1pm

All of the vegetables in New York City have strangely disappeared. The police have no leads in the case so it is up to Thumperino Superbunny to solve the crime. Along the way he meets a cast of local characters and tangles with the evil villain Dr. Nilch and his robot henchmen. The Adventures of Superbunny educates on healthy eating, environmental awareness, consequences for one’s actions, self-motivation, courage, and confidence.

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Stone Soup


August 26 – September 4
Fridays at 4pm and Saturday and Sunday at 1pm

“Stone Soup” is a story that has been around for a very long time. Its origins are unknown, but it is likely to have come from Europe to America. Earlier versions of the story feature a beggar or travelers entering a village carrying a pot. They ask for food, and when they are turned away by the villagers, they build a fire, fill the pot with water and put a stone in it. The curious villagers come along and are intrigued by the concept of stone soup. One at a time, each villager adds an ingredient to the pot, eventually creating a delicious feast. It is a story about cooperation and generosity.

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