April 20th – May 19th
Saturdays & Sundays at 1:00 PM

Book & Lyrics by R. Eugene Jackson
Music by Patsy Pollard

Directed by Allen Schmeltz
Music Direction by Hannah Hurst

Rated: G

The emphasis is on comedy in this musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale! Young audiences will find a delightful group of characters as enchanting as the magic in the story itself.  There’s Chester the Jester, Typsy the Gypsy, and the Royal Magician, who is so inept he transforms himself into a frog!  And there’s the evil Thornberry, who puts the curse on Princess Elaine (the ’sleeping beauty’), and the brave Prince Dauntless, who battles the fire-breathing dragon to break the magic spell. Rich with music underscoring, themes, and five tuneful songs, The Sleeping Beauty is a delight for audiences of all ages!

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