When: Sunday, June 30th, 2024 at 7pm
Where: Sutter Street Theatre Annex, 710 Figueroa Street, Folsom

What to prepare: If you are auditioning for a singing role, prepare 18-32 bars of a musical theatre song that best demonstrates your abilities with an accompaniment on a phone/CD. No sheet music and no a capella auditions please. Those auditioning for non-singing roles do not need to prepare an audition song.

What to bring: A headshot and theatrical resume if you have them and a list of any potential conflicts with rehearsal/show dates. Conflicts with show dates will not be cast.

Rehearsal Schedule: July 1st-August 15th, 2024
Monday-Thursday evenings, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Tech Week: 6:00pm-10:00pm

Performance Schedule: August 16th-September 15th, 2024
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sundays at 4:30pm

Book by Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan
Music & Lyrics by Mel Brooks

Directed by Kenny Brian Gagni
Music Direction by Connie Mockenhaupt
Choreography by Devin LePage

Rated: PG-13

Synopsis: A down-on-his-luck Broadway producer and his mild-mannered accountant come up with a scheme to produce the most notorious flop in history, thereby bilking their backers (all “little old ladies”) out of millions of dollars. Only one thing goes awry: the show is a smash hit! At the core of the insanely funny adventure is a poignant emotional journey of two very different men who become friends. With a truly hysterical book co-written by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan (Annie) and music and lyrics by Mr. Brooks, The Producers skewers Broadway traditions and takes no prisoners as it proudly proclaims itself an “equal opportunity offender!”

There are singing and non-sing roles in The Producers. All roles are available.

MAX BIALYSTOCK: (playing age 50s). A failed Broadway producer. Good singer with excellent physical and verbal comedy skills. Ruthless, unprincipled and quick witted with verbal banter. He will stop at absolutely nothing to succeed. A likeable rogue who despite his egotistical persona and indefensible antics has the audience secretly rooting for him. Singing required.

LEO BLOOM: (playing age mid 30s). A meek-mannered accountant. Good singer with excellent physical and verbal comedy skills. Movement/dance ability advantageous (including tap). Leo is neurotic, unassertive and utterly lovable. He discovers his inner confidence, follows his dream of becoming a Producer, and ‘gets the girl’ by running off to Rio with the leading lady. Singing required.

FRANZ LIEBKIND: (playing age late 20s) A wild-eyed German immigrant and Nazi fanatic. Excellent comedy skills with ability to sing. A strong physical presence, he is hot-tempered, intensely obsessive Nazi supporter (with a soft spot for his pet pigeons). More than slightly nuts, he eventually looses the plot and attempts to shoot our main characters in a comic fit of rage. Singing required.

ROGER DE BRIS: (playing age 30s) A cross-dressing renowned (in his own eyes) Broadway director. Excellent comedy skills and good singing and dance ability. Tap skills advantageous. Beneath a (somewhat) convincing straight-acting persona lies a full-blown Judy Garland waiting to burst out. When opportunity gives him the leading role in ‘Springtime For Hitler’ he becomes a ‘gay as a daisy’, all singing all dancing showbiz Hitler. Singing required.

CARMEN GHIA: (playing age 30s) Roger’s possessive live-in lover. Excellent comedy skills and good singer. Thin, ‘strange looking’ and intense queen. He overreacts to every eventuality and is mortally wounded by any of Roger’s thoughtless remarks. Comically sibilant beyond all measure. Singing required.

ULLA: (playing age 20s) The knock-out Swedish secretary. Excellent comedienne with great song and dance skills. Gorgeous, young, blond and leggy. Enthusiastic, innocent and adorable but with a very loose grasp of the English language she is generally utterly inept in her work. Singing required.

ENSEMBLE: (ages 16+ preferred) A strong ensemble is needed who can sing, act, and dance and who posses excellent comedic timing. Small feature roles and solos will be assigned to ensemble members once casting is finalized.