September 7 – September 29*

Book by David and Julie Payne

Lyrics by Julie Payne.

Music by Martha Yordy


“And Little Red Riding Hood lived happily ever after” is where Little Red Riding Hood and the Magic Dragon begins. But Little Red isn’t really happy! Through the song, Fairy Tale Lament, we learn that she has grown tired of her story. She dreads knowing that every time someone opens up her book she will be forced to relive the same old familiar tale. With the help of Toby, a lovable, comical magic dragon, Little Red sets off for new adventures. Along the way she meets, and sometimes becomes, other fairy tale characters like princes and witches and frogs. She manages to find excitement and sometimes danger. Ultimately Little Red’s magical journey brings her to the realization that anything is possible and that imagination is the true beginning of everything.


Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm

*September 21st will be at 10:3o am


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